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In this section, we share a few of our favorite news stories and information as we partner with you to advance literacy and close the achievement gap for children in at-risk communities all around the world.

Children’s Literacy & Grade-Level Reading

Bridgette Heller, Co-Founder and Volunteer CEO of the Shirley Proctor Puller Foundation, shares her passion for reading that was instilled at a young age, and why it lead her to create the M.A.S.T.R. Kids program, one of four children’s literacy programs funded by the Juvenile Welfare Board. Bridgette also shares how her organization has had to pivot to serve children during COVID, and how important relationships have been during these challenging times.

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Featuring Future Leaders: Meet Isaiah & Kourtney

Meet Isaiah Tell us a little about yourself. I am Isaiah, and I am a preteen. I live with both my parents and four siblings. I am in the 7th grade. I attend church regularly and I admire our pastor. The position I play on my Varsity Pee Wee football team is defensive tackle. I

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The August 2020 Community Buzz Newsletter is out now!

In this month’s newsletter: Return to School — Onsite or On-Line? This is the Question “What are we?” “Corona-Free!”; “How do we stay?” “Mask up all day!” STEAM — building skills while having FUN A blessed conversation with the elders Novartis CEO gives a lesson on vaccines Celebrating Our Readers! Read The August 2020 Newsletter

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Long Term Impact on Our Children

There is a clear national perspective suggesting that the families in communities like South St. Pete will be disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 given the economic demographics.  The children/students of the community will likely struggle to overcome long term impacts.  These articles provide additional perspective. Learn about how SPPF is dealing with COVID-19 Learn More

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6 Ways Summer Day Camps Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Just because summer is a break from school, it doesn’t have to be a break from learning. By signing your child up for a summer day camp, you can give them a chance to immerse themselves in an activity that interests them, while keeping their brain engaged. This blog post on the site of the Whitby School offers great insight as to the importance of academic enrichment during the summer out-of-school time period.

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Keisha Snead

SPPF Academic Leader

B.S. in Elementary Education,Cum Laude, FAMU 1996

I have served 24 years within the Elementary school setting in various instructional roles.  I have also served as the Mentor Coordinator for new and returning teachers. 

I have led professional development for faculty at several schools within Pinellas County.  I have coached colleagues in the understanding and delivery of the standards of reading and writing.  My love for learning is what drives my passion for teaching.  When I look into the eyes of a scholar who needs me, that is where I find my passion!