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SPPF works directly with students in two academic enrichment programs, the SPPF M.A.S.T.R. Kids® After-School Program and the SPPF M.A.S.T.R. Kids® Summer Camp. Both these programs are built round a “literacy plus STEAM” curriculum. Students build core skills in English and Math and practice these skills in fun and engaging activities, field trips and interesting exchanges with community leaders.

Expand Their World
With Books

Leaders read. They read a lot! SPPF maintains wish lists in several book stores. Consider a book donation!

Tombolo Books: located at 2153 First Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712.  Please make a visit to the store or call them at (727) 755-9456.  Let them know you are buying books for the M.A.S.T.R. Kids Program and they will help you make perfect choices for our students.

Cultured Books: located at 833 22nd St. S., St. Petersburg, FL 33712 – It’s a Pop-up bookstore open on Sundays from 12:00pm to 6:00pm. We love everything they sell! Just ask Lorielle for M.A.S.T.R. Kids recommendations!

If you’d prefer to buy online, we have a booklist on Amazon.

Inspire Their Art

Our community is full of lively images and vibrant color.  Students find joy and peace in capturing the many vibes of community in many forms of creative expression.

Fine Arts Class  – drawing, painting, etc. – $40/individual student OR $250/week for a class of ten students

Piano Lesson for an individual student –$40/week

Twelve 3-hour Drama Classes for a Middle School student – $360

Creative Writing Class – non-fiction, poetry, music –$250/week for 10 students.

Encourage Them
to Play

Outdoor play, dance and yoga are among the most highly rated student activities!  Active play is critically important to the long term health and development of children.  It promotes cognitive and social, emotional learning as well as physical growth.  Help our students stay active with your donations!

Everyone’s favorite outdoor play seems to involve some sort of ball – four square, volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, etc.  Use the link below to select balls and other fun play things to donate.

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Keisha Snead

SPPF Academic Leader

B.S. in Elementary Education,Cum Laude, FAMU 1996

I have served 24 years within the Elementary school setting in various instructional roles.  I have also served as the Mentor Coordinator for new and returning teachers. 

I have led professional development for faculty at several schools within Pinellas County.  I have coached colleagues in the understanding and delivery of the standards of reading and writing.  My love for learning is what drives my passion for teaching.  When I look into the eyes of a scholar who needs me, that is where I find my passion!